By a vote of 4 to 0, the AVCA Board approved this motion

Resolution: The City of San Jose (City) has an unsustainable employee and retiree compensation and benefits cost structure that results in pay and defined benefits more generous than those found in the private sector and that rises at a higher rate than the City's revenues. These pay and benefit costs result from a requirement that fire fighters, peace officers, and City management submit to binding arbitration in the event of contract negotiation impasses; and arbitration awards have resulted in salary and benefits that exceed the City's ability to pay.

The Almaden Valley Community Association (AVCA) Board of Directors urges the San Jose City Council to place on the November 2010 ballot propositions that (a) call for the immediate elimination of binding arbitration as a way to resolve salary and benefit disputes between the City, fire fighters, and peace officers; AND (b) initiate a portable defined contribution retirement plan for all employees who begin employment with the City effective 60 days after the date the proposition is approved by a majority of voters in the November 2, 2010, general election.