The AVCA Board voted four to two to "Not Oppose" the proposed McDonald's Drive-thru.  There was one abstention.

The issue here is:  Should a merchant be allowed to expand his business an estimated thirty percent and provide convenience for handicapped people; mothers with small children; and women who would prefer, for security reasons, to remain in their car?

The opposition is provided by a nearby homeowners group which opposes the drive-thru on the basis of traffic congestion in the left turn lane from McAbee to the Almaden Expressway and the encouragement of other drive-thrus in the Almaden Valley.

This process took seven weeks of investigation and consisted of:

The AVCA Board can only speak for its members, who have elected the Board to represent them.  Most AVCA members do not have the time or the opportunity to investigate the factors leading to a decision and they depend on the Board to represent them.

The Board majority, who voted to "Not Oppose," were influenced by the following factors:

The minority portion of the Board, who voted to "Oppose", gave weight to the following factors:

The polling of the AVCA E-MAIL base gave the following results:

Opposed   19
For   2
Indifferent   4

The poll asked the question: Are you for or against this proposal?  No supplemental information was supplied.

There was a technical flaw in the polling in that the total number of people reached was not certain.  If the total E-MAIL base had been contacted, the "Opposed" vote would amount to 11.2%.  However it is clear from the polling that a large number of people in the community are against the drive-thru.  This is also reflected in the split vote of the AVCA Board.

Bob Boydston, AVCA Past President