Proposed Ordinance for Just Cause Eviction

AVCA has had presentations from spokespersons representing both sides of this case, and after careful evaluation, the AVCA Board has voted five to one to oppose the proposed Just Cause Ordinance for the following reasons:

  1. It imposes undue and unjust burdens and obligations on the landlord, and could encourage an undesirable tenant to insist on being paid off to vacate.
  2. Its use in so many provisions of imprecise words (e.g., "reasonable", "material", and "substantial") will tend to promote litigation or the threat of litigation.
  3. The ordinance could have a negative impact on the availability of adequate housing in San Jose.
AVCA considers present laws to provide appropriate protections against improper conduct by landlords.  In conclusion, AVCA sees no need for such an ordinance.