AVCA Board votes not to oppose the Calpine Metcalf Energy Center Development
October 22, 1999

By a vote of five not opposed and two opposed, the AVCA Board, reflecting the Almaden Valley community, decided not to oppose the Calpine development.

The decision was made after considerable fact finding.  The proposed site, as well as an existing Calpine plant in Gilroy, were visited.  The California Energy Commission meeting was attended.  A technical description of the proposed development plus arguments for and against were displayed on the AVCA web site.  Two public meetings were held by AVCA:  a Calpine presentation and an opposition presentation.  Finally, all information was disseminated via E- MAIL data bases to community members for their opinions.

There has been no registered community opposition in the Almaden Valley to the Calpine Metcalf Energy Center, perhaps because the installation is far from the Almaden Valley.

Those Board members deciding not to oppose the plant considered the facts that:

The AVCA land use specialist was of the opinion that there would be no permanent negative effect on land values in the closer residential areas.

The two Board members opposed to the argument were concerned about the environment for the South San Jose community and felt that the plant should be located at a more remote location.

One Board member, while not opposing the project, felt that the city should compensate the closer residential areas with increased city services.

In the end, regional needs outweighed local concerns.