POSITION- South Almaden Valley Urban Reserve (SAVUR)

February 1, 2001

The AVCA is against the mayor's plan to reduce the triggers necessary before the South Almaden Valley Urban Reserve (SAVUR) can be developed.

Our objection is based mainly on the requirement that the infrastructure be at the same level as it was in 1993. One of the principal impacts is traffic on the Almaden Expressway, where traffic conditions are below national, and city existing standards. For example, the level of service of the Camden Avenue/Almaden Expressway intersection in 1993 was above the "D" level; today it is at an "F" level, which is gridlock. In addition, the local fire captain is concerned about response time for fire fighting under these congested traffic conditions. Housing in the SAVUR area brings even more congestion.

It is interesting that the mayor is suggesting reducing traffic standards. The plan seems to be that if you can't manage the present requirements then change the requirements. If the proposed minimum traffic level of service were reduced from "D" to "E", Almaden Expressway would still be below these lower standards.

Another area of concern is the school congestion in the
Almaden Valley. Of the thirty elementary schools in the San Jose Unified School District, Graystone has the most pupils with Williams in 8th place, Los Alamitos in 12th and Simonds in 16th. Of the seven middle schools, Bret Harte has the most students followed by Castillero. Of
the six high schools, Leland has the most students. While officials could not quote attendance caps, it suffices to note that Graystone, Williams, Bret Harte, Castillero, and Leland are closest to the proposed high density project.

High density housing typically prescribes parking spaces per unit. Since most households have two working members, the question is -- where will the additional cars be parked?

In addition, is the electrical power situation ready to take on a large addition
in housing?

The infrastructure is not ready and will not be ready for the SAVUR development.

The mayor says that there is a crisis. There is a crisis regarding traffic, schools, energy and infrastructure; but adding to a crisis by ignoring the existing triggers required to open the South Almaden Valley Urban Reserve is an absurdity.

The AVCA Board.