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AVCA in the News

AVCA meeting focuses on special election proposition (4/09)
AVCA takes stock (3/09)
AVCA March meeting to discuss policy directions (3/09)
AVCA hosts politicians (2/09)
AVCA: hopes to complete Bay Area Ridge Trail (1/09)

Pyle presents priorities to AVCS meeting (9/14/08)
Lofgren provides update, answers questions (9/11/08)
Chamber of Commerce CEO addresses AVCA (7/17/08)
July AVCA meeting to feature Pat Dando (7/03/08)
Understanding the sports fields problems (5/08/08)
Pyle, Gage work through community issues together at AVCA meeting (4/17/08)
City forms new pilot neighborhood commission - Seeking District 10 delegates (3/13/08)
AVCA focuses on future of South Almaden Valley Urban Reserve (3/13/08)
Boulder Ridge neighbors don't want 'big top' to come to town (3/6/08)
South Almaden Valley Urban Reserve's future tops AVCA agenda (2/14/08)
Almaden Valley residents get chance to have say on growth (1/24/08)
City officials honor Almaden Valley advocate Boudreault is the go-to guy (1/17/08)
Empowering neighborhoods - AVCA focus on new Neighborhood Commission (1/17/08)
AVAC plans to keep residents up on the issues (1/10/08)
2007 Year in Review: A Year of Loss, Hope and Promise (1/03/08)

Online tool helps connect residents with councilman (12/20/07)
City leaders OK 2-year project to hear more from neighbors (12/6/07)
Neighborhoods commission forming plan to institutionalize local groups' voices (11/30/07)
Almaden group wants permits for the removal of all city trees (11/2/07)
A vision of things to come - Almaden Expressway development plans top AVCA discussions (10/04/07)
Avalanche of advice slows progress on Coyote Valley (8/17/07)
Education key in drop of SJ's West Nile Virus cases (8/24/07)
Developer looking at site near S. Almaden Valley Urban Reserve (7/27/06)
Engineers to decide whether to add U-turn on McAbee (6/15/07)
Councilmember Nancy Pyle addresses questions regarding city budget; Coyote Valley development at AVCA meeting (5/17/07)
District 10 Budget/ Neighborhood Forum gives constituents a voice - Council member, police chief and others discuss priorities (5/10/07)
Almaden group urges beautification of 50-foot strip on Camden Avenue (3/16/07)

1991 rape case continues to be central in Carr, Sinunu DA race (10/26/06)
Reed, Chavez discuss Coyote Valley, secondary units, 911 fee at debate (10/19/06)
Two candidates set their sights on Santa Clara Valley Water District (10/05/06)
Almaden Scout provides 'curb appeal' with new plantings for the post office (8/10/06)
AVCA gives back to the community (7/13/06)
Gonzales and top aide, Guerra, will be arraigned in late July (6/29/06)
A Novel Approach - Almaden Branch Library and Community Center is a first in San Jose (5/11/06)
Almaden Valley Community Association forum draws large crowd (5/04/06)
Mayoral candidates express views on Coyote Valley, eminent domain (5/4/06)
Measure B proponents want to keep county parks beautiful (5/3/06)
Almaden Valley Community Association meeting update (4/13/06)
City to use bond money to make Camden bridge/trail safer to use (3/23/06)
The battle of the bridge: AVCA faces off with city regarding dangerous trail crossing (3/16/06)
Three of four district attorney hopefuls live in Almaden Valley (3/9/06)
Speakers encourage limiting eminent domain laws at AVCA meeting (2/16/06)
Tech-savvy Seniors: Many older adults in Almaden Valley stay ahead of technology (2/2/06)
Park Passion: Almaden activist leads fight for more open space (1/26/06)
AVCA ponders ethics issues after Councilwoman Nancy Pyle gives... Sharks tickets (1/19/06)
County judge speaks about juvenile crime; drug court (1/12/06)

New AVCA officers (12/29/05)
Yes on Parks member solicits support for park charter fund (10/20/05)
Bats eat mosquitoes to combat West Nile (8/11/05)
Neighbors share tale of house at meeting (9/22/05)
AVCA president responds to article on directors' meeting (7/28/05)
Almaden Valley Community Association seeks new policy and direction (7/14/05)
Season's wildfire dangers high in Almaden (6/30/05)
What should we do with Almaden's wild animals? (4/07/05)
AVCA's new officers put secession on the agenda (3/10/05)
AVCA nominates new board members, discusses transportation concerns (1/13/05)

What is the procedure when the AVCA takes positions on community issues? (12/30/04)
Eager to get going, Pyle maps out her first month as councilwoman (12/23/04)
Dando's Decade: Most would agree she left Almaden better than she found it (12/16/04)
AVCA Board opposes removal of the Winfield Bridge from the General Plan (11/25/04)
Waiting for Disaster: Local leaders launch programs to put emergency plans in place (11/24/05)
Tight District 10 council race over as De La Rosa concedes (11/18/04)
Typo postpones public hearing on Winfield Blvd. connector bridge (11/11/04)
School board candidate Leslie Reynolds speaks to the AVCA (10/28/04)
Unethical activity in De La Rosa campaign (10/07/04)
The McKean Road sports complex (9/23/04)
Parking lot plan near Quicksilver Park entrance worries neighbors (9/23/04)
Candidate forum, secondary housing issue top AVCA agenda (8/26/04)
ID theft eight years ago leaves lasting scars (8/12/04)
Naming library after a citizen is inappropriate (8/5/04)
The two percent art mandate (7/22/04)
Financial situation requires fast action (7/22/04)
AVCA Boards votes to oppose the name change for the Almaden Branch Library (6/24/04)
Quality and safety through code enforcement (5/21/04)
Wildlife forum answers questions, raises concerns (4/22/04)
Lively AVCA meeting covers land use and city spending issues (4/22/04)
AVCA hears opposition to controversial 'secondary unit' proposal -Association also discusses 'art mandate' funding (4/15/04)
AYA Sports Fields "alive and well" (4/15/04)
The Value of the Candidate Forum (3/25/04)
Let's put light rail in mothballs (2/26/04)
Council puzzle pieces fit for Pyle (2/5/04)
Wanted: Clean elections (1/29/04)
Candidates talk sports, land use, gas stations, spending at Q&A (1/29/04)
Candidates gear up for Jan. 21 forum (1/15/04)
District 10 candidates face off at Q&A forum (1/15/04)

Council approves Almaden Road housing development (12/18/03)
Sycamore Terrace building plan OK'd (10/30/03)
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Almaden Area Development Permits (click on address to view details)

1003 FOOTHILL DR SAN JOSE General Plan Land Use/Transportation Diagram designation amendment from Medium Low Density Residential (8 DU/AC) to Medium Density Residential (8 - 16 DU/AC) on a 0.85-acre site located on the east side of Almaden Road approximately 300 feet north of Redmond Ave.- 12/4/2008
6610 CAMDEN AV SAN JOSE Special Use Permit to legalize two unpermitted accessory structures on a single-family residential lot - 11/12/2008
5925 ALMADEN EXP: SAN JOSE Parking analysis dated 10/16/08 based on 1:177 standards of PDC86-022 is in cabinet under 5925 Almaden - 11/12/2008
16430 ALMADEN RD: Planned Development Zoning from the R-1-1 Residential Zoning District to the A(PD) Residential Zoning District for 8 Single-family residential units on a 0.85 gross acre site - 9/12/2008 Map
6950 ALMADEN EXP: Wireless - Conditional Use Permit RENEWAL for the continued use of a 60 foot wireless monopole located on a 6.55 gross acre site - 7/24/2008
11819 REDMOND DR: Planned Development Permit to construct a secondary unit containing 1,034 square feet to a single-family detached residence on a 0.56 gross acre site - 7/8/2008
6946 ALMADEN EXPRESSWAY: Conditional Use Permit for the expansion of dining area (no new interior construction) of an existing wine bar and the addition of exterior patio food service, with the extension of hours of operation to 11:00PM on weekends on a 6.56 gross acre site in a neighborhood shopping center - 5/9/2008
7299 GLENVIEW DR: Planned Development Permit Amendment to add an uncovered patio and retaining walls to an existing single-family residence on a 2.56 gross acres site - 5/6/2008
4037 YOLO DR, Special Use Permit to allow a new 640 sq. ft. of accessory structure on a 0.21 gross acre site - 5/5/2008
926 HAMPSWOOD WAY: Special Use Permit to construct a 552 square-foot accessory structure, in excess of 200 square feet allowed by right, to a single-family residence on a 0.53 gross acre site - 3/28/2008
6786 ELWOOD RD: Planned Development Permit to construct two single-family detached residences on a 0.72 gross acre site - 10/24/2007
1135 GRIMLEY LN: Rezone from Single-Family Residence Zoning District to allow single-family detached residential uses on a 1.48 gross acre site - 9/28/2007
1135 GRIMLEY LN: General Plan mendment request to change Land Use/Transportation Diagram designation from Very Low Density Residential (2 DU/AC) to Medium Low Density Residential (8 DU/AC) on a 1.48-acre site - 9/28/2007
1110 BLOSSOM HILL RD AT ALMADEN EXP: Determination of Public Convenience or Necessity to allow the off-sale of alcohol at a new retail (Grocery/Food) store on a 10.2 gross acres site - 9/18/2007
11819 REDMOND AVE: Allow a 992 sq. ft Second Unit/accessory structure on a 0.56 gross acre site - 9/18/2007
1110 BLOSSOM HILL RD: Renovate shopping center. Replace Rite Aid with WholeFoods - 8/29/07
LITTMAN DR: Site Development Permit to allow construction of an irrigation pond and associated pump house at an existing golf course. - 8/29/07
TUCSON DR: Permit to establish a landscape plan and remove two Palm trees (101 and 96 inchs in circumference) and one non-ordinance sized Brazilian Pepper tree at an existing fourplex - 8/27/07
ALMADEN EXP near REDMOND AVE: Permit for single family detached units on 0.95 acres - 8/21/07
1250 BLOSSOM HILL RD: Conditional Use Permit to construct a 5,000 sq ft building - 8/15/07
6082 ALMADEN EXP: Rezone from Agricultural to allow 13 homes - 8/7/07
ALMADEN EXP: San Jose General Plan Amendment from Very Low Density Residential; (2.0 DU/AC) to Medium Low Density Residential (8.0 DU/AC) on a 1.82 acre site. DU/AC = dwelling units per acre - 8/7/07.
0 BRET HARTE DR: Allow wireless communication antennas atop an existing PG&E pole and a 252 sq ft enclosure for cabinets on a 4.96-acre site - 6/28/2007
16310 ALMADEN RD: Demolition of an existing single-family residence and construction of six single-family detached residential units on a 1.07-acre site - 6/11/07
19600 ALMADEN RD: Six single-family detached residences on a 1.09-acre site - 5/24/07
DELETE SAVUR interim sports field from General Plan text - 10/25/06
6604 NORTHRIDGE DR: (Wireless Antenna) - 10/3/06
16310 ALMADEN RD: - 7/10/06
MC KEAN RD: opposite Shillingsburg Ave: (16 homes) - 06/12/06
7311 GLENVIEW DR: - 03/22/06
1126 BARNES LN: - 02/03/06
6664 BROADACRES DR: - 12/02/05
8108 BERTRAM RD: - 12/01/05
18950 ALMADEN RD: (Feed & Fuel Restaurant) - 11/07/05
6411 GUADALUPE MINES RD: - 05/02/05
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Coyote Valley Specific Plan

Coyote Valley Specific Plan Web site
Coyote Valley Planning Halted
Residents call for departure from 'car-centric' culture in city: Themes emerge from land use plan for 2040 (8/4/08)
New Era: San Jose prepares Coyote Valley for change (9/06)
Council approves fiscal actions for Coyote Valley Specific Plan (8/06)
Coyote Valley's newest member pushes for a greener and smarter development (6/06)
New housing plan for SJ's Coyote unveiled (6/06)
SJ residents could fund Coyote's shortfalls (5/06)
Coyote Valley Task Force gets first look at Fiscal Impact Analysis (5/06)
Report on Coyote Valley says it could be costly for a decade (4/06)
Coyote Valley Task Force reviews affordable housing strategy (4/06)
Rising home costs could affect new project (4/06)
Wider roads could solve expressway traffic jams (3/06)
Coyote Valley Task Force considers traffic policy (2/06)
Pyle, Forrest look for replacement to fill seat on the Coyote task force (2/06)
Critics of Coyote plan upset over vacancy (2/06)
Pyle takes over vacant position on Coyote board (1/06)
Coyote Valley task force considers building college campus (12/05)
Coyote Valley committee on schedule after brief hiatus (11/05)
City planner describes potential impact of Coyote Valley development on Almaden Valley (10/05)
It's too soon to know how traffic from Coyote will affect Almaden (10/05)
Nancy Pyle to update residents on Coyote Valley Plan at public forum (9/05)
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San Jose Budget 2008-2009

Chuck Reed talks to the Times (5/09)
News from the city (budget) (4/09)
City Council approves mayor's budget message (3/09)
Mayor releases budget message (3/09)
Council members sit down with city departments for budget study session (2/09)
City council passes budget, traffic calming (6/19/08)
District 10 to hold third annual budget forum (3/27/08)
Mayor Reed presents budget message (3/20/08)
Mayor pledges to listen more to residents on budget fixes (2/22/08)
San Jose’s budget woes (2/14/08)
His honor looks back - Reed assess first year in office; looks toward second(2/7/08)
San Jose hires Sharon Erickson as city auditor (1/31/08)
San Jose releases 2008 Community Budget Survey (1/24/08)
Mayor's speech stresses more frugal city spending (1/25/08)
Mayor plans annual speech to discuss future of the city (1/10/08)
Group asks for residents' help in curing shortfall in city funding (12/28/07)
City officials ask neighbors to help fix budget problems (12/20/07)
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West Nile Virus

California West Nile Virus Web Site
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Open Space

AVCA: hopes to complete Bay Area Ridge Trail (1/09)
Park Passion:  Almaden activist leads fight for more open space (1/06)
Open Space Authority to build parking lot - Almaden's Rancho Canada Del Oro Preserve (7/05)
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Almaden History

A look back at 2008 highlights (1/09)
Pioneer Day 2006 celebrates the history of Spanishtown (10/06)
Remembering Spanishtown:  interpretive sign dedicated... days gone by (10/06)
Spanishtown:  Descendants share stories of hanging tree, hidden gold (10/06)
City takes another look at Feed & Fuel history (10/06)
Residents can vote for renovation of Casa Grande (10/06)
Pioneer Days to honor Almaden's early Spanishtown miners, settlers (10/06)
Mining collectors talk tools at New Almaden Quicksilver Museum (9/06)
New Almaden Quicksilver Museum uncovers new displays (8/06)
Restoration of Almaden's historic landmark, Casa Grande,delayed by funding shortage (8/06)
Committed citizens rally to save historical Feed and Fuel (7/06)
Generations enjoyed the simple pleasures at Twin Creeks Resort (7/06)
Local authors sell out at book signing for 'Images of America: New Almaden' (7/06)
Local authors pen new history book of New Almaden area (7/06)
Quicksilver Museum hosts fun-filled history lesson for kids of all ages (7/06)
History buffs ready to release book showcasing New Almaden's past (7/06)
Locals trace their family roots from Almaden Valley (6/06)
Farewell celebration for Almaden Feed & Fuel (6/06)
Patrons say goodbye to Almaden's historic bar [Feed & Fuel] (6/06)
Lifelong Almaden resident recalls early years blasting mine tunnels (4/06)
Two landmark restaurants have become constants in San Jose [La Forêt] (4/06)
Two descendants of early pioneer families celebrate life in Almaden (3/06)
New Almaden's history preserved in photo book set for release this fall (3/06)
Draft of county's new ordinance would protect historic landmarks (2/06)
New Almaden Quicksilver Mining Museum ... new geology exhibit (11/05)
New Almaden full of stories about ghostly goings-on (10/05)
Almaden Roots: Anzalone works the Almaden Valley property where he was born (10/05)
Did Abe Lincoln try to seize New Almaden's Quicksilver mines? (10/05)
Opry House demolition proceeds as planned (9/05)
The New Almaden Community Club building has some very old roots (9/05)
Uncovered treasure: mining display finds a home (9/05)
New Almaden Days celebration is an annual fundraising event (9/05)
New Almaden Day 'Jump In' Parade... (9/05)
New Almaden Walking Tours... historic look at California's first, biggest and richest mine (8/05)
Neighborhood group to restore Ohlone Indian burial ground... (8/05)
Home-restoration buffs share passion for New Almaden's past (7/05)
Pfeiffer family embodies Almaden history (7/05)
Mine Minders:  Historic Home (7/05)
Mine Minders:  New Almaden residents determined to preserve history (7/05)
County working to create a historic preservation ordinance with teeth (7/05)
Two New Almaden historic homes dedicated with monuments (5/05)
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Flu Information

U.S. Government Flu Information
Swine flu: are you ready to fight? (5/09)
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Secondary Housing (granny units)

City extends 'granny unit' program for residents building in back yards (11/9/07)
No granny unit permits issued in Almaden through SJ pilot program (8/06)
SJ council suspends fees for 2nd units (3/06)
SJ residents could face $15K fee per granny unit (3/06)
Granny unit applications trickling in at slow pace (1/06)
SJ finally ready to issue permits for experimental granny program (12/05)
S.J. City Council approves secondary-unit pilot program (11/05)
AVCA response to Secondary Housing
San Jose City Council approves by 6-4 vote researching parameters for ‘granny unit’ pilot program (5/5/05)
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Almaden Library and Community Center

Almaden Branch Library Home Page
Council vetoes library filters (4/09)
Groups take sides in debate over blocking porn on library computers (5/23/08)
CAHA honors Almaden history (4/10/08)
Almaden library and community center finally gets café (3/13/08)
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Coyotes and Mountain Lions

Mountain Lion and Coyote Safety Tips and Information
Mountain lions surprise visitors at Quicksilver Park
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South Almaden Valley Urban Reserve (SAVUR)

Pyle, Gage work through community issues together at AVCA meeting (4/17/08)
AVCA focuses on future of South Almaden Valley Urban Reserve (3/13/08)
South Almaden Valley Urban Reserve’s future tops AVCA agenda (2/14/08)
Don't expect much development in urban reserve for 50-plus years (6/1/07)
Supporters of Measure A regroup, haven't ruled out 2008 initiative (1/11/07)
SJ to modify General Plan to prohibit sports center off McKean (11/16/06)
New Era San Jose prepares Coyote Valley for change (10/13/06)
Developer looking at site near S. Almaden Valley Urban Reserve (7/27/06)
Pyle's Perspectives (3/30/06)
Water service to SAVUR (12/29/05)
Two new homes being built in Almaden Urban Reserve (8/11/05)
Seeking alternative soccer field sites a great idea (6/30/05)
Pyle orders city to look for other fields sites (6/30/05)
Changes Ahead: Pyle uses first 100 days to lay groundwork for new initiatives (4/14/05)
Plan to lay water pipes to reserve questioned (3/24/05)
City negotiating new Memorandum of Understanding with district (3/17/05)
McKean Road Sports Complex starts to move ahead (12/30/04)
City says no to 684-acre development adjacent to urban reserve (12/14/04)
City council gives OK to McKean Rd. fields plan (12/9/04)
Commission hearing on fields plan postponed (11/18/04)
Both sides air views on McKean Rd. fields plan (11/4/04)
Sports complex is not harbinger of early development of urban reserve (10/28/04)
The county denounces McKean Rd. fields plan (10/7/04)
Two communities at odds over sports fields (8/26/04)
If we're going to build the fields, let's do it right (8/19/04)
Soccer fields in urban reserve is a mistake (7/29/04)
The planning commission votes down sports fields (2/2/04)
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Parks of Almaden Valley

List of Almaden Valley Parks (8/06)
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Disaster Prep

District 10 staff puts on Disaster Preparedness Fair (5/09)
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