De La Rosa Campaign accused of Unethical Activity
October 2, 2004


In order to promote clean and fair elections, the Almaden Valley Community Association, AVCA, has developed an Ethics Agreement.  The VEP Community Association, VEP, is co-sponsoring this Ethics Agreement for the coming November Election.

Both District 10 candidates have signed this Agreement.

At the September 15, 2004, AVCA Forum, Candidate Pyle in her opening remarks made the following statement:  "I'm the only candidate who's pledged never to allow my political consultant to lobby me.".  There was no objection from Candidate De La Rosa at that time.

Several days later, a communication was issued by De La Rosa’s consultant which stated that Pyle, by making that statement, was telling a lie.  The communication referred to a San Jose Mercury editorial which pointed out that the same consultant that issued the message has pledged not to lobby De La Rosa as evidence of that lie.  De La Rosa, when questioned, stated that he had not made a pledge as Pyle had.

Because De La Rosa had not made a similar pledge, the charge that Pyle had lied was not true.

The current Ethics Committee, made up of two members of AVCA and one member of VEP, find the De La Rosa campaign guilty of three violations of the Ethics Agreement:
  1. It did not present credible evidence to the charge that Pyle was lying and should not have made a public statement of that nature.
  2. By using expressions such as, "Nancy Pyle outrageously proclaimed" and "Nancy lied," inflammatory language was used.
  3. It did not supply the Ethics Committee with a copy of the charging message at the time of the distribution, as spelled out in the Ethics Agreement.
This dispute over Pyle’s statement should have been resolved at the AVCA Forum.  Rebuttal was allowed.

By terms of the Ethics Agreement, both candidates were able to examine the Ethics Committee findings before they were released to the newspapers, the Community Web sites, and the Community E-MAIL networks.

For the full text of the Ethics Agreement, see the text.

The Ethics Committee (with positions held in 2004):
  Bob Boydston, AVCA President
  Lee Dimmitt, AVCA Vice President
  Bob Aquino, VEP Newsletter Editor