AVCA Board of Directors

  Shiraz Kotadia, President   (Term: 2017-2019)   president@avca-sj.org
Shiraz Kotadia
An Almaden resident since 1980, Shiraz has a BA from Dartmouth College and an MBA from the University of Chicago.  He has over 30 years of industry experience as Director of Information Systems, Director of Consulting Services, Program Director, Senior SAP Project Manger, and IT Advisor.  He has been a Manager or Director for IBM, SAP, Nortel, Panasonic, and General Motors and has implemented SAP systems at a number of large and medium-sized companies.  He has taught MBA courses in Production and Operations Management, Project Management, and Information Systems in the evening MBA program at Santa Clara University.  He was certified as a Fellow in Production and Inventory Management.  He is currently a senior management and systems consultant.

His wife, Anar, is a senior Quality and Regulatory consultant for Medical Device companies.  They have two daughters.
  Michele Dexter, Vice President   (Term: 2017-2019)   vpres@avca-sj.org
Michele Dexter
Michele is the 3rd generation in her family to be born in San Jose. She grew up in Cambrian Park and Willow Glen, and has lived in Almaden for the past 17 years.  She has a long family history of business, entrepreneurship, and community involvement.

Michele co-founded an IT services business with her husband, Rick.  She has managed the business operations for the past 15 years, while simultaneously raising two sons.  She is currently Council Liaison for District 10 Councilmember Johnny Khamis, working to accomplish many projects in the District as well as building strong community relations.

Michele is eager to support AVCA in its mission to keep the residents of Almaden informed about important issues and to encourage active engagement in civic affairs.

  Michael Lee, Treasurer   (Term: 2017-2019)   treasurer@avca-sj.org
Michael Lee Michael has lived with his wife, Luz, in Almaden Valley since 1979.  He came to the Silicon Valley in 1975 to work at IBM as a research scientist.  When the IBM Almaden Research Center opened in 1986, the commute became a short walk and a hop on the shuttle to the top.  He subsequently moved to HP Labs and continued his research activities until his retirement.  He is a well-known expert in electrophotography, the process behind laser printing.

He and his wife have helped many children of friends and acquaintances toward their goal of attending college over the years with advice and academic assistance.  While his degree is in physics, he especially enjoys tutoring math since that often requires high level view, while a typical student is mired in the details.  And occasionally, the light goes on!
  Jim Johnson, Secretary   (Term: 2017-2019)   secretary@avca-sj.org
Jim Johnson Jim Johnson was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He grew up in a small town in west central Wisconsin.  After high school, he entered North Central University, graduating in 1977.  After college he married Leisa and served as a youth pastor in Rockford, Illinois.

Moving to Colorado, he started his own business and continued serving as a youth pastor.  In late 1984, Jim and Leisa moved to San Jose and brought his business to the Bay Area.  They have resided in Almaden Valley for almost 30 years.

In 2008 Jim organized 190 volunteers to help victims of the Summit Hill Fire in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Jim and his volunteers helped many people clean up their properties, cut and plant thousands of trees, and rebuild houses.  Out of that effort grew a food outreach that now feeds about 1000 people.
  Matt Mahon, Director   (Term: 2018-2020)  zoning@avca-sj.org

  Peter Groot, Director   (Term: 2018-2020)   transportation@avca-sj.org
Peter Groot Peter Groot and his wife Irene moved to Almaden in 1979.  He has a BS from MIT in math. He worked in software engineering and system engineering for Singer-Link in Sunnyvale, TRW in Oakland, Lucent, and Cadence.  He also worked for a startup in New York City.  In retirement he did proofreading for 95120 magazine.
Irene taught history in Evergreen Elementary School District for 39 years.  In her retirement she wrote a dystopian novel, Biocube Escape.
Peter also enjoys singing, was part of a barbershop chorus, and participates in several annual Messiah sing-alongs as well as neighborhood caroling.
Peter has a commitment to transportation that includes unrelenting reminders to the city to fix Almaden’s potholes, remove graffiti, and upgrade road signs.

  Jerry Mungai, Director   (Term: 2018-2020)   jmungai@pacbell.net
Jerry Mungai
A California native, Jerry Mungai has a BA degree from Stanford University and a MBA from UC Berkeley.  He worked for over 30 years in high tech companies and was his semiconductor company's representative on the then Santa Clara County Manufacturing Group, now known as the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.

He has a keen interest in local politics, particularly in areas that involve city finances and local public school education issues.  Jerry and his wife, Joanne, have resided in Almaden since 1970.  Their two sons are graduates of Bellarmine College Preparatory and UC Berkeley.

  Ann Hall, Director   (Term: 2018-2020)   safety@avca-sj.org


                 Communications Committee Chairman:  (click name to see photo and biography)  Shiraz Kotadia       Email = president@avca-sj.org

                 Education Committee Chairman:     Vandana Kadam    Email = education@avca-sj.org
Vandana Kadam
Biography pending

               Membership Committee Chairman:     Position Open   Email = membership@avca-sj.org

                Parks and Recreation Committee Chairman:      Kris Anne Gustavson     Email = parksrec@avca-sj.org
Kris Anne Gustavson

Kris Anne Gustavson was born in Safford, Arizona and moved to Kailua, HI when she was 13 years old.  She received a degree in Recreation Education at Brigham Young University.  She met and married her husband, Paul, at BYU.  They moved to Chicago, IL after graduation where they both worked for Amoco Oil.  They moved to San Jose in 1979.  She has three daughters, a son and eleven grandchildren. 

She and her husband founded the management consulting firm, Organization Planning and Design where she has taught brain dominance, team building and creativity workshops to clients since 1985.  She has also volunteered as a Red Cross CPR, Lifeguard Training, WSI and swim instructor.  In the LDS Church, she was Camp Director at Camp Ritchie in the Sierras (a summer girl’s camp), headed the youth and children programs, taught early morning seminary and is currently an Assistant Public Affairs Director.

                Planning and Zoning Committee Chairman: (Click on name for picture & biography)    Matt Mahon       Email = zoning@avca-sj.org

                Public Safety Committee Chairman:  (Click on name for picture and biography)    Ann Hall      Email = safety@avca-sj.org

                  Transportation Committee Chairman: (Click on name for picture and biography)    Peter Groot     Email = transportation@avca-sj.org

Special Positions

  Public Safety Advisor 

 Special Projects  

  Bob Strain, Webmaster    Email = webmaster@avca-sj.org
Bob Strain
Bob and Janet Strain moved to Almaden Valley in 1980.  Bob was born in Bloomington, Indiana, but received all of his electrical engineering degrees from the University of Illinois (BSEE, MSEE, Ph. D. 1963).  He worked at Standard Telecommunication Laboratories in England, then Bell Laboratories, Harris Semiconductor, Fairchild Semiconductor, and National Semiconductor.

Since 1999, Bob has been a consultant for start-ups, foundries, and various legal cases.  He is a docent with the San Jose Museum of Art and a member of the Docent Council Board.  Bob has been Architectural Committee Chair and President of the Tract 5027 Homeowners Association.

Bob joined the AVCA Board in December 2010, taking the position of Planning/Zoning Chair.  He was elected AVCA President in 2013 and served in that position until 2015 when he became a Director.

During the past two decades and a half, Bob and his wife did a lot of international traveling.  Having lost Janet in March of 2017, Bob still has three children and three grandchildren.

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