The ARK now at Bret Harte Middle School

Almaden Valley ARK Program

The Almaden Valley is "low risk"

Compared to other parts of the Bay Area, the Almaden Valley is considered low risk because of the absence of shipping canals, railroads, through highways, refineries, chemical plants, etc., which increase hazardous material exposure.  Also, the buildings are newer;  the population is relatively affluent and well educated.

If there is a disaster...

Though infrequent, there can be earthquakes, floods, fires, a crash of a disabled airplane, etc.  We will be very dependent on the Red Cross.  The San Jose office maintains nine disaster response teams consisting of nine to eleven trained persons each.  The Red Cross can provide food, clothing, shelter, first aid, medicine, and psychological help.  It is authorized to use the schools as shelters and to use the cafeterias for food service.  The ownership of the ARKs, used to contain emengency supplies, which were provided by the people of the Almaden Valley, has now been transferred to the Red Cross.

What individuals can do...

Each adult should know CPR and First Aid.  Classes for these are available at the Red Cross.
CPR classes should be taken yearly;  First Aid every three years.

Home safety preparation classes are available at San Jose Prepared!.

The ARKs

The two ARKs each meet the basic requirement:  provide approximately 100 people with a cot, a blanket, and a comfort pack containing razors, soap, washcloths, etc.  In addition, there is a nurse's first aid kit and mops, buckets, etc. for post-cleanup.

The two ARKs are located on the rear school grounds of Bret Harte and Castillero schools and have recently been refurbished in 2012. Originally there were three ARKs, but the ARK located at Leland had to be abandened because of corrosion.

The ARKs are large metal containers, painted with light colors. The original white paint with a red cross, as shown in the picture, was discontinued because the Red Cross seemed to suggest that the ARK contained drugs.

Funds for the past supplies were provided by the Almaden Valley Women's Club.

Ownership of the three ARKs, now two, was transferred from AVCA to the Red Cross in May, 2001.

Last Update: June 2012
Bob Boydston, AVCA Past President